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Kalan's single on Myspace [20 May 2007|12:09pm]
Kalan posted his new single  Down In Heaven on Myspace.


I can't wait until June 4th when it's released to radio.

It's a beautiful song and it shows off the many textures of his voice.  I'm sure this will be a hit for him.
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Picture Time [08 May 2007|02:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Kalan Porter's new black and white pictures.  I love them, he looks so focused and professional.

No sign of prankish Kalan here.   

I take that back.  The pictures have disappeared off his new web site.









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Kalan's Canadian Breast Cancer speech [07 May 2007|07:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Kalan's picture captured by a fan just before he and his manager Jim Campbell enter the venue this afternoon.  

Kalan looks so happy and healthy and he's wearing the blue shirt.  *faints*  I have a thing for the blue shirt.


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Zoolander [10 May 2006|04:55am]
This is Kalan at Juno weekend giving etalk his Zoolander expression.

He must be a laugh around his friends. I can't keep a straight face.


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Life Happens [11 Mar 2006|02:46pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Kalan posted a letter to the Family Forum last night.

His Mom has had successful surgery to remove cancer from her breast.
She's starting chemo therapy in a few weeks. He's home this weekend to be with her.

I've been numb since I read the letter this morning.
It's as if someone in my own family is ill.

Janet Porter is a strong and determined woman. I know she'll beat this.
In the meantime, Kalan wants us to vote for him in the Juno Fan Choice Award.
I know what I have to do.

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Junos [15 Feb 2006|05:33pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Kalan's been nominated for three Juno awards:

Artist of the Year
Album of the Year
Pop Album of the Year

I'm floating...

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Strained [15 Dec 2005|07:22pm]
Tears. The universal symptom of emotional distress.

My daughter has been overwhelmed with essays of the most tragic nature. Last week she analyzed Death of a Salesman, a classic I admit, but it’s about a middle-aged man committing suicide just before his mortgage is paid off. The prior week? The Catcher in The Rye! That book was banned in my district years ago (for swear words.) It should have stayed that way. My child is relatively happy most of the time but all she’s been talking about is the misfortune of these characters.

“Mom, it’s awful, Holden drops out of school and gets drunk and gets beaten by a pimp!”

Why do High Schools teach this stuff? Why can’t they teach something positive and encouraging like the story of Helen Keller?

This morning the world felt unreal.

“Mom, we have two presentations on Friday, I need your library card.”

“We?” Was she having a dual personality problem?

“You have to help me. You’re good at this. The first presentation is on The Role of Women in Jainism and how modern women cope. The second presentation is on Multiple Sclerosis, its history and treatment.”

More depressing subjects.

“I can’t give you my library card. It’s my most valuable possession!”

“I know. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of it. I remember a book is a girl’s best friend.”

Yeah, and so is her Mom.
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Unreal [10 Dec 2005|09:14am]
Where to begin? Dinner with my fandom friends was an incredible event last night.
When I entered the Finch subway station I walked straight to Calla, even though I’d never met her before.
So exciting. Hugs ensued for her and Swansea.

Calla has positively striking blue eyes, just brilliant. And, Swansea is the most elegant firecracker I’ve ever met.
I now officially adore blonde hair.

We talked about Kalan from 5:45pm until 10:45pm without taking a breath. I missed every road and had to make u-turns at every intersection. We laughed.

It’s amazing how we can feel connected to someone just by reading a sentence they’ve written…

Call me hysteri-Calla for enjoying the music of a talented young performer!

Swansea: OBS, again with the family values …the guy wants to rock, let him rock.

I was in a different world. Wonderful. (I ordered the Alberta Ranch Steak, I'm not kidding.)

Many thanks to my neighbours Kalanluvre and Cooley for making the arrangements,
I can’t wait until the next one.
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My house is the chaos of the universe...I'm so happy [08 Dec 2005|04:16am]

What a delight to wake up and find the lovely lady caitie has friended me. Welcome.

And, onlygrace3 made it here *does happy dance*

Sponge bath? Forget that now...

Here we will ascend to the next stage of existence. Shed our flesh.

Become pure spiritual energy.

We have so much more to do. To become.

Shing, my calander is a treat. Thank you so much for dropping it off last night.

Off to pinch a couple of adorable baby cheeks.

O, I'm such a Kalan nut!

Totally avid!
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Deep Thoughts [03 Dec 2005|10:58pm]

Why am I here? Because it's time to upgrade my on-line skills, visit new and exciting places.

It's so blank, I swear I could hear an echo.

Must seek friends. I'm off to learn invitations. Maybe we could all get together, take a sponge bath.
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